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Welcome to Patriot Martial Arts, a family dojo specializing in Alpha Krav Maga and Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu in Universal City, Texas. We’re a nurturing community devoted to learning self-defense above all else. Through this self-defense training we learn to be more confident, practice a healthier lifestyle, and develop life skills to better ourselves as individuals. Join us today to experience martial arts classes and community unlike any other.

We are so excited to welcome you to our PMA Family! Our goal is to help you take the challenge towards personal excellence! Here at Patriot Martial Arts Self Defense, we believe in the core qualities of Family, Honor, Humility and Respect. You will see these words on our wall as a reminder to us all to maintain these qualities and instill them in our kids. We are excited to help you begin your journey with us.

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Patriot Martial Arts Self Defense

About Us:

The Patriot Martial Arts team prepares students to protect themselves and their loved ones. We want our kids to be bully proof and for all individuals to have self-awareness. Our classes are meant to teach practical self-defense for real world situations and training to fight for your life if needed. We offer different self-defense based systems to help students develop a variety of skills: Japanese Jiujitsu, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts, and even our own Patriot Knife Fighting System.

Our credentials, experience, and family atmosphere sets Patriot Martial Arts apart from other martial arts schools in Universal City. We don’t stop at teaching self-defense and important life skills – we teach our students how to be the next generation of leaders. Students are able to join the Patriot Martial Arts instructor leadership program to learn management methods for school, work, and life in general.


Owners Tom and Juanita Howanic started as martial arts instructors in Illinois when Tom’s parents moved to Universal City, Texas. As Tom and Juanita continued to visit them, they eventually recognized the need for martial arts in Universal City. They took matters into their own hands and opened Patriot Martial Arts on October 18, 2007. It was their chance to move on from their old academy, spread their own wings, and to start a new legacy. Today, their students motivate them to continue living out their dream. Tom and Juanita are inspired by their martial arts family and the lives they have changed so far on their journey.

Why It's Important

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The Patriot Martial Arts team is devoted to your success and safety. We take great pride in transforming you into the best version of yourself.

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While training you’ll discover and improve your senses of respect, honor, humility, and various other traits. As you become a stronger martial artist you’re also becoming a more virtuous individual.

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Every martial arts class at Patriot Martial Arts is a self-defense system. You’ll be prepared when choosing from Japanese Jiujitsu, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts, and even our own Patriot Knife Fighting program.

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Martial arts help condition your body, improve fitness and promote a
healthier lifestyle.

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Patriot Martial Arts will build your confidence through training. You’ll realize your potential and become a leader on and off the mat.


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Patriot Martial Arts invites nearby communities including Live Oak, Schertz, and Converse to experience self-defense classes in Universal City near the Randolph Air Force Space.

Patriot Martial Arts Self Defense

118 West Byrd Blvd, Suite 112 , Universal City TX 78148

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